This is a beginner-friendly fingerstyle song by Fleetwood Mac. In the original, it is played with a capo on the 3rd fret, so this will sound lower in pitch. This picking pattern is a good first stepping stone for learning fingerstyle guitar, or Latin guitar styles. Play it a couple hundred times, or until the pattern becomes automatic and the chord changes are easy and natural.

Important note: Pay close attention to which finger I use to pluck each string. Notice how my thumb alternates between the A and D strings, while my 1st and 2nd finger each stay on one string. Is is important to play it this way every time, so you develop the muscle memory and it becomes effortless.

If there’s anything in this tutorial that you don’t understand or could use more clarification, please post a comment below or send me a message here. Your feedback helps me improve these lessons.


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