Lead Guitar Step 2


Here’s a diagram of Pentatonic scale pattern #4. Remember this chart is upside down! The yellow and orange notes are on the A string.

Count the notes up the low E string to find your starting point! You can use this diagram if you need a little help:

Here’s a jam track of Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey in the key of A major. To play along with this scale pattern put the orange note (your pinky) on the 12th fret:

If there’s anything in this tutorial that you don’t understand or could use more clarification, please post a comment below or send me a message here. Your feedback helps me improve these lessons.


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4 thoughts on “Lead Guitar Step 2”

    1. Hi Dave, great question! Do you mean how do you tell if a particular song is major or minor? And then which scale pattern do you use for that song? There are a few steps you need to take to figure out what key a song is in. I’ll create a tutorial explaining exactly how to do this, and send it out next week!

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